Eye Care

An Enhanced Service


Regular eye examinations are important for monitoring the health of your eyes, along with checking you have the best possible level of vision.

There are many systemic conditions which can present signs in your eyes, and if they are not detected could cause long term complications for both your general and eye health.

All eye tests are carried out by senior Optometrists who are registered with the General Optical Council.

By investing in the latest technology, we are able to offer a superior level of personalised care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The extra time we take for the eye examination means we will get to know what your specific needs are, and so we can provide better recommendations and advice for your eye care.


OCT scan stands for Optical Coherence Tomography. This complex technology, similar to an MRI scan, used to examine and measure particular layers of the retina.

A quick, painless and non-invasive scan, this provides us with extremely detailed images of the inside of the eyes, enabling us to detect and monitor eye conditions.

We are proud to use the Zeiss Cirrus 6000 OCT – this is one of 2 OCT machines regularly used in hospital care and research environments, which means the OCT scans we obtain are of a very high quality.


This gives us the ability to capture digital images of the inside the eyes.

By keeping these images on record for many years, we can compare the images to help detect subtle changes in eye conditions over time.

We can also apply different imagery filters leading to the detection of diseases even easier.

We recommended the OCT scan and Retinal Photography for everyone, especially if you have or there is a family history of glaucoma, diabetes or macula degeneration.

We perform these examinations as part of the Advanced Digital Eye Examination.