Seiko Lenses

Visual Excellence


We are pleased to offer SEIKO ophthalmic lenses as our main specialist optical lens supplier.

They are one of the leading brands in the optical market.

With the superior and unique optical properties of their lenses, we are confident we can find suitable options for all your different optical needs.

There is more to optical lenses than the ‘standard, better, and best’ options you are shown at the high street optical chains or online.

Book an appointment to find out what lens option is best suited to your lifestyle needs.


The new SEIKO Brilliance lens is where precision meets luxury!

This progressive lens is designed with your personal lifestyle in mind.

With over 300 personalised design variations, this lens technology allows excellent vision.

So whether you are new to progressive lenses, have had issues with progressive lenses in the past, or are currently wearing them, this lens will be perfect you and your optical needs.


With the different optical needs in this fast paced digital world, standard lenses may not give you what you optically need.

As a Multifocal SEIKO specialist, we can provide SEIKO lenses have different options for your individual needs.

Whether that is to provide accurate near vision with the flexibility of increased range so you can walk around the office, or to enhance your vision when driving, we have a Multifocal lens for you.


As we use computers more than ever, our need for precise close vision has never been so important.  With the limitations of reading glasses, using computer screens has never been more of an inconvenience.

But with the SEIKO SMARTZOOM, SEIKO INDOOR PC, SEIKO INDOOR 100, and SEIKO INDOOR 200 lens options, we have the perfect lens solution which will give you the flexibility you need with the precise vision you require.

The SEIKO SuperReduceBlue anti-reflective coating will also help ease the strain we can get from the digital devices we are now constantly looking at.


When driving in low light levels or during the night, our visual perceptions can be affected.

With our pupils increasing in size in these conditions, we become more prone to irritation from glare and light reflections.

So SEIKO designed the solution – SEIKO DRIVE.  This lens, along with the Road Clear Coating, allows for improved clarity and reduced distortions around the edges of the lens.

The SEIKO DRIVE X lens a progressive lens, which will optimise your immediate field of vision as well, to help with viewing the dashboard.


The last thing we would want for you is to have a luxury frame, but with average optical lenses making your spectacles look poor.

The aesthetic appearance of the lenses will make your spectacles look fabulous!

With the double aspheric designs of the optical lenses, not only will the lenses appear flatter but will also eliminate distortions producing natural relaxed vision across the whole lens.

We can make the lenses look even more fabulous with the SEIKO Indi lenses where these bespoke lenses will take other optical factors into consideration to make the the lenses look great!


A huge part of the optical dispense is to measure your spectacles accurately.  There are several measurements required to make even the simplest pair of spectacles.

And this is not something you can simply do yourself despite being advertised by certain companies!

The amount of patients we come across with issues because their spectacles have been purchased from a supplier where they have been made on just one single measurement is quite unbelievable.

And this is constantly on the rise!

With the SEIKO Digital Multitool, we have the ability to take accurate lens and frame measurement to provide the perfect product for you.

Our optical dispensers have years of experience, and a lot of these measurements are done so quickly you wont even realise!  But they know exactly what they are doing, and will make sure your lenses are set up in the correct position.


Photochromatic lenses automatically change from clear to dark with UV radiation and are a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce glare.

These lenses are a great option for someone who wants the protection from sunlight without needing a separate pair of sunglasses.